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Coordinated Floors

“Everybody wants to have a designer look. They’re hungry for it,” says Sandi Graham, hard surface stylist for Shaw Floors, prominent flooring manufacturer.

So it’s important to know that your floors are created with a designer’s vision, allowing you to easily match hardwood to tile to carpet in one space or many.

Some of today’s best stylists and researchers create new carpet, area rugs, hardwood, laminate, and tile lines to coordinate by color and texture to work together and complement each other. If you’re inspired to use, for example, gold tones in one area of your home, ask us for products that coordinate—such as warm-colored carpet and honeyed hardwoods that flow into an array of complementary tile patterns.

According to Hard Surface Stylist Sandi Graham, many consumers, in this tough economic climate, are choosing to brighten and update their homes rather than move or carry out a large-scale remodel.

“People have existing hardwood, and they want to add an area rug,” she says, “or they want to freshen their kitchen with a tile backsplash. They’re adding a new look without a major renovation.”

But when adding a new floor, you will, of course, want it to coordinate with and complement other floors in your home. We can offer thoughtfully created products using color palettes that make it easy to choose flooring for an entire home or to introduce a new surface that blends with existing flooring.

The Visions Savvy Spaces collection from Shaw Floors is an example of such a collection, offering the appealing look of high-end carpet styles that coordinate with exotic hard surfaces so popular today. The collection showcases rich two-toned carpet colors, such as chocolate brown and blue, velvety fabric-inspired textures, and upscale sculpted patterns.

In addition to coordinating floors, the latest styles are also immediately available to consumers these days, hitting the market more quickly than ever before. One of the latest of these trends is laminate in innovative looks that come from hardwood and tile.

Emily Morrow, director of style, color, and design for Shaw Floors, says it’s becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between laminate and hardwood. Stylists recommend choosing either laminate or hardwood for a single area. “But don’t use them together,” Morrow says. “It’s a design faux pas.”

She also recommends using the right blend of flooring. “Don’t put a high-gloss hard wood next to a matte tile,” she advises. “You need to have the right light reflections. Combining high gloss and matte doesn’t make sense—the two compete. As far as textures go, casual carpets coordinate well with hand-scraped woods.”

With a little research, you’ll find collections—such as those we offer from Shaw Floors—that bring you simplicity, ease, and the luxury look without gobbling up your time. It’s a pulled-together effect without the hassle of hiring an interior designer. When you decide it’s time to choose stylish flooring, we do our best to make it effortless.